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SPOOKY PAW-RADE: The region’s biggest Dog Halloween Event at IBP

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More than 150 dogs and dog owners participated in SPOOKY PAW-RADE, the first ever Dog Halloween Costume Parade and Fun Match held in front of Richmonde Tower at Iloilo Business Park last October 24, 2:30PM to 7PM. The event started off with a Dog Parade from Richmonde Tower going to McDonald’s IBP. The first-ever Dog Blessing was officiated by Rev. Father Dennis Galon. It was followed by a formal opening program with IBP Marketing Head, Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong who willingly shared her excitement through a short welcome message.
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Rev. Father Dennis Galon officiated the Dog Blessing
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Head Dog Trainer, Joseph Jiro Gabasa, event hosts Nancy Enicola and Nanette Bajador
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IBP Marketing Head, Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong shared her words of welcome to all the participants
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Mr. Bong Ledesma, an expert dog trainer entertained the crowd with his dog tricks
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Dr. Harold Demaisip, judged the fun match and dog conformation DSC_0360 - CopyDSC_0368 - Copy
Expert dog trainer, Bong Ledesma showcased various dog tricks that entrainment the crowd as an intermission performance. Around 5:30PM, the Dog Fun Match and Conformation started off by introducing seasoned veterinarian, Dr. Harold Demaisip as competition judge. The Fun Match and Conformation was divided into four categories such as Puppy, Small Breed, Medium Breed and Large Breed. Pack Leader K9 Dog Training Head, Joseph Jiro Gabasa demonstrated with his dog Connan, a Belgian Malinois on how to train your pets in protecting you against aggression. The highlight of the event is the Dog Halloween Costume Contest and Mini-fashion where dog owners and their pets paraded onstage with creatively scary and colorful attires. Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong, IBP’s Marketing Head is the sole judge of the Dog Halloween Costume Contest.
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IBP Marketing Head, Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong received her certificate as the sole judge of the Dog Halloween Costume Contest from Joseph Jiro Gabasa
 The event emphasizes Iloilo Business Park as a dog-friendly destination and a township where dog lovers can find a serene place to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. The event is co-organized by Megaworld- Iloilo Business Park in partnership with Pack Leader K9 Dog Training and Jaro Dog Lovers. The event was made possible through the following sponsors: Rebadulla Animal Hospital, AsVet, Pomelo T-shirts, Wood Fashion, Gab’s Pizza, Spa Riviera, Dog Full, Lori pet care products, Uratex Foam, Pet Palace and Fil Sonza Photography Studio.
Spooky Paw-Rade Contests Result:
 Dog Conformation and Fun Match
Best in Puppy Category: Maxine, 5-month-old female Belgian Malinois dog, handler: Wewen (dog trainer, Iloilo)
 DSC_0370 - Copy
Best in Small Dog Category: Yuki, 6-year-old-female mini-pinscher; owner: Irish P. Jeongco
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 Best in Medium Dog Category: Shane, 7-month-old female Beagle dog; Handler: Wewen (Dog Tainer, Iloilo)
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Best in Large Dog Category: Scotch, 4-year-old-male Bull Mastiff dog; Owner: Am-Am Lorca
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Best in Show: Yuki 6 year old female mini-pinscher; owner: Irish P. Jeongco
Best Dog Halloween Costume Contest
DSC_0751 - Copy
Special Award (Spookiest Costume):  Gracie, 7-year-old female mini-pinscher dog; owner: Virgie Tarrigue, costume concept: Cerberus (3-headed dog)
DSC_0753 - Copy
3rd Place:  Yuki, 6-year-old female mini-pinscher dog; owner: Irish P. Jeongco, costume concept: Egyptian God with golden wings
DSC_0754 - Copy
2nd Place: Atticus, 1-year-and-5-month old male Belgian Malinois dog; owner: Santiago Sudaria, costume concept: horse-like dog with 'tiyanak' riding on top
DSC_0758 - Copy
1st Place (Best in Costume): Sasshi, 1-year-and-7-month female Chihuahua; owner: Jel Rose Casiano, costume concept: enchanted dog in a dark and scary prom theme

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